The District is governed by an appointed Board of Managers. The members are appointed in accordance with State law by the various entities participating in 9-1-1 service in Galveston County. The appointing agencies are as follows:

Participating Cities by the Mayor & Councilmember Association
2 Members

Volunteer Fire Departments by the Galveston Co. Fire Fighter’s Association
1 Member

Galveston County Commissioners Court
2 Members

Principal Service Supplier, SWB (Non-Voting)
1 Member

The District Board sets policies, approves system acquisition, assesses the 9-1-1 service fee, approves the budget, and appoints the Executive Director. The District staff is responsible for providing to the Board all information required to make financial and other policy decisions. Board Members are unpaid volunteers who give their time and energy to ensure a quality 9-1-1 system for the Galveston County area. The current Board is as follows:

C.T. "Tommy" Anderson, , Chairman, Galveston Co. Fire Fighters Association
J. L. Campbell, Vice-Chairman, Galveston Co. Commissioners Court
Paul J. Hopkins, Jr., Galveston Co Commissioners Court
Charlie Everts, Mayor & Councilmember Association
Louis Decker, Mayor & Councilmember Association
Bobby DeSanto (non-voting), Southwestern Bell Telephone, SWB
Board Members

Charlie Everts

Paul J. Hopkins, Jr.

Tommy Anderson
Board Chairman
Louis Decker
J. L. Campbell